Mobile Communication Device; US Patent No. 9,213,861 Issued 12-15-15

Technology Transfer

WE ARE SEEKING to license this patent portfolio –- and explore other ways to commercialize the technology. Patent rights have been preserved in key markets. Also, broad patent coverage has also issued in Canada.

BACKGROUND: CNN reports that the three items that most Americans carry with them at all times are their keys, a wallet, and a phone. But soon, the wallet and keys may be left at home. New uses for cell phones are becoming a reality in countries like South Korea and Japan. The time for the market introduction of the “Mobile Contactless Card Payment” is ripe. The conditions are favorable. By the end of 2013, most retailers will have replaced their card-reading POS terminals with the new NFC-equipped generation. (see “The Mobile Phone, Wallet of the Future”: “Products and Services” Clearit; March 2013). A U.N. report published in October 2013 states that the world now has about 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions.

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY: A fingerprint sensor is mounted in a conventional headset or a head covering or eye-covering that is compatible with a cellphone, using Bluetooth, restricting access to a cellphone, pda, or virtually any other electronic device where authentication is needed. Once the system for the electronic device has been adapted, authentication requires the user to touch or sweep a finger along the sensor in response to a voice prompt. Once identity is confirmed, the rest is hands free. Authentication can be bimodal, or even multimodal.

CELLPHONES & PDAS WITH A BUILT-IN FINGERPRINT SENSOR: According to our market research, many cellphone manufacturers and PDAs have already incorporated a fingerprint sensor.

The list of such manufacturers includes: Acer, Atrua, Casio, CECT, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, Lenovo, LG TeleCom, Motorola, Sagem, Samsung, Sharp, Siemens, Sony, and Toshiba (see Market Research).

Technology Transfer

A sampling of some of the recently-issued U.S. Patents that our firm provided representation include:

  • Acer™
  • Atrua™
  • Casio™
  • CECT™
  • Fujitsu™
  • Hitachi™
  • HP™
  • Lenovo™
  • LG TeleCom™
  • Motorola™
  • Sagem™
  • Samsung™
  • Sharp™
  • Siemens™
  • Sony™
  • Toshiba™
  • These devices are currently being marketed in Asia and Europe and will soon be introduced in the U.S.